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Love Your Body

Did you have a health kick in January? Are you still going now? If so good for you! If not, read on. As part of the Love Series we are running for the month of February, we will be focussing in on different areas of health and wellness. So lets find out how to love your body from the inside out.

You are what you eat

Hippocrates said that all health starts in the gut, and any reputable trainer will tell you that weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise. With that in mind, surely we need to focus first on helping our gut to be healthy. You would like to think that eating healthily would be enough to help support a healthy digestive system but think again. Today’s food doesn’t have the same nutrient content that it did 10 years ago. This is due to imported foods that are sprayed with pesticides, picked before they are ripe, and heavily processed.

Our food quality is affected by pesticides, premature picking and processing

If our food isn’t up to standard, what can we do? We can supplement our diet. Not all supplements are created equal, however. The high street is awash with multivitamins, mineral and supplements of all kinds, but the majority of these are impure and packed with fillers that have no benefit.

If you want to supplement your diet, don’t do it with adulterated, filler packed supplements. They have little or no impact on your health as the body cannot utilise the elements within the product, and you will simply excrete it out.

Purity Matters

I recommend Young Living supplements on the basis that they are some of the purest, therapeutic grade supplements on the planet. For more information about why purity matters check out the Seed to Seal commitment by Young Living. Furthermore, because essential oils are added to Young Living supplements, the nutrients become more bio-available. This literally means our body can use it easier and faster than other supplements.

The body can more readily use supplements that have essential oils added to them

So which supplements do I need?

This is the million dollar question! I am no doctor and cannot diagnose or treat, but I can recommend supplements that can support the various systems of the body. These are my top five supplements (there are many many more!) and how they can help you.


This is an overall enzyme that supports the pancreas, which helps the body produce glucose for energy. By taking 2-4 capsules a day, you are helping your body to break down the food into building blocks that it can use to restore, regulate and repair.


This is a high potency probiotic containing 9 live cultures. These work to support digestion by assisting the body in absorbing vitamins, minerals and nutrients, while supporting immune function.


A must for tired mom’s and a society that struggles to eat its greens, Multigreens are a sustainable energy source. The supplement contains bio-active sea vegetables which increase vitality and energy production, support the glandular, nervous and circulatory systems. This is one supplement I wouldn’t be without as it supports my digestion no end as well as my energy levels.

Ningxia Red

There is not much this powerful superfood drink doesn’t do! Packed with protein, polysaccharides, antioxidants and fibre, Ningxia Red supports the brain, immune system, cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, digestion, sleep patterns and energy levels. The main ingredient is the red Wolfberry, from the province of Ningxia, in China, hence the name. It has a low glycaemic index making it ideal for those need to support blood glucose levels.

If you have any questions about any of these products, or want more advice on other areas of support please email me on To get hold of any of these supplements you can click this link and create a free account today!

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