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Dear Harry and Meghan

Two days in to being parents, congratulations! The adrenalin is still running, hormones flowing, body aching and heart bursting. You are besotted with your beautiful boy and cannot bear to take your eyes of him for fear of missing something. Netflix has nothing on watching a newborn sleep. Any parent will tell you that raising… Continue reading Dear Harry and Meghan

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Finding my purpose

I've written so many blogs but not published them. I've poured my heart into pages and pages of notes. I've felt Gods presence so powerfully and cried so hard while writing that I've had to catch my breath. Many of these words need never be read by anyone other than Jesus. Like many prayers that… Continue reading Finding my purpose


Time to write His story…

In my very first year as a Christian, a respected woman in my church (then Kings Community Church, Wolverhampton) prophesied over me that she saw a pen in my future. She could see me wielding a beautiful marble effect pen and she asked me if writing was something that was important to me. I replied that I… Continue reading Time to write His story…


Don’t be deceived

This was my run buddy on the canal this morning. A familiar site on my route that got me thinking as God whispered into my heart today. The heron stands so still that you would be forgiven for mistaking it for a statue, so majestic you would think it was a peaceful non threatening bird,… Continue reading Don’t be deceived


What do you want me to do for you today?

Lord what would you have me do today? This is one question that I know would massively benefit me if I asked it before my feet hit the ground. Not being a morning person by nature, the start of my day is usually signalled by a gentle melodious iPhone alarm or a child, whichever shouts… Continue reading What do you want me to do for you today?